4 ways you can earn money as a student filmmaker

Being a student filmmaker does not mean that you will spend money, you can earn too. Money making as a student filmmaker is not as hard as everyone assumes. You can pursue your studies while making money in different ways. Think of them as internships. Let us speak no more; divulge straight into the money-making secrets.

Ways to earn money as a student filmmaker

There are almost 40 ways to earn money as student filmmakers. But we are discussing the top easiest and safest way to earn experience and money. So, first up we have,

1. Film Festivals

Film school basically teaches you about different dimensions of filmmaking. And what’s the use of theory if not put it in practical ways? All your theoretical knowledge will go to waste if you don’t try making a film in real life. You don’t always need fancy instruments or expensive costumes, hair, and make-up — you just need a good story and that’s all.

You can make a film with your phone camera simply, and edit it on your phone apps (for the initial days). To make dollars you need to find film festivals around you and submit your film. Most festivals offer good cash prizes to the winners of the student film category.

Apart from that submitting your film to upcoming film festivals will open your door to industry connections. If you meet the right people at the right time, you may end up assisting a professional on a film set.

2. Make YouTube videos

YouTube is a booming platform these days. Millions of video creators are using YouTube as a medium to earn money. In your spare time, you can vlogs, gaming videos or even music reprises and upload them there. You will no earn per view, but once you hit a 1000 subscriber mark, you will start to get brand deals which will start enough money flow to cover your course cost.

However, there are some boundaries with YouTube. You cannot post anything that invokes violence, shows pornographic content, and definitely not something copied from another creator. So, if you believe in experimental cinema, then it will be quite a task to get your video monetized.

3. Shoot for commercials

You could do this as a freelancer too. If you have a DSLR camera, light setup, and makeshift intelligence, then you can shoot for commercials and earn money from it. For the first couple of times, you have to aim for local brands, and even sometimes do it for free. Once your works start circling around, then you can go ahead and charge them.

You can also go for nearby office videos or entrepreneurs and help them promote their business; in exchange, you can ask them to spread your name. It is a bit tricky, but a good way to start earning money as fresher.

4. Self-distribute your film

This is closely related to the first point. In case you don't get the chance to meet any film distributors at a film festival, you can also self-distribute your film. In offline mode, you go around the town and ask each theatre owner to sign up for your film distribution. If it feels hectic, then you can opt for CANVAS, an online platform, specially made for student filmmakers like you for self-distribution. The easiest and most convenient way to showcase your movie.

These are the techniques that can earn you money while being a student filmmaker. Follow this page for more tips and tricks about filmmaking and upcoming film festivals.



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