Isn’t it true that everyone has some sort of secret truth? The glamour world isn’t far behind in joining the list; rather, the glamour world is manifested with many unknown facts hidden beneath its gorgeous apparel. There are many misconceptions about the independent film industry. In this blog, we’ll learn about some little-known facts concerning the independent film industry.

Independent is a delusion in and of itself:

Conglomerates and studios dominate the film industry, which generates little boutique businesses under the pretext of being “independent.” These production companies are governed by the same moguls as their higher-budget Hollywood counterparts. Actors are offered high-paying positions by moguls who promise that working with popular films and directors will help them enhance their careers. Low-budget film producers are offered elusive back-end deals that are contingent on the success of the distribution process. Expenses, of course, eat into any profit.

Is it really that simple to get into film festivals?

All events receive thousands of submissions. And who exactly are you? You’re inexperienced, untested, and unproven. The big festivals rely on a small number of trusted consultants to recommend films that will make them appear good in the press and at the box office. You should get to know and schmooze with these people. It’s a fact of life that can’t be avoided. It’s just the way things are at the moment. Make a strategy for coping with it.

Is it really worth it to win an award?

Filmmakers have previously claimed to have won awards at prestigious film festivals. When confronted with the truth that they didn’t win an award, they say things like “But you sent me an invoice for the entry money.” To me, that seemed like a prize.’ Even so, an award with olive branches on the poster for your photograph adds legitimacy. And possibly as a result of that compliment, more people will see your video.

Contacts are required:

To a budding filmmaker, a smart political mind is far more useful than anything else. Form strong bonds with those who will have an impact on your careers, such as distributors, sales agents, and journalists. While you’re at it, find out who the sexiest new PRs are. Include their expenses in your monthly budget as well.

What about uniqueness?

The film industry has a reputation for conservatism. Keep in mind that a studio executive in charge of production or distribution may be afraid of your original proposal. Find the essential message of your film and learn how to tone it down enough that the suits can swallow it. If you want to stir things up, go ahead, but don’t do it during the pitch or you’ll be turned away.

People always shield their faces from the truth because truths are always naked. These are the realities of independent films, which are sometimes hard to accept but, at their finest, are accurate.