GREEN ACADEMY AWARDS: A “Natural” Approach

Merry Cooper
2 min readNov 12, 2022

Earth is dying. Deforestation, air pollution, and the killing of rare species is happening around the globe. Earth has lost so much wealth, in terms of beneficiary plants, unique wildlife, and unpolluted weather- it is disappointing. However, there is a green revolution going on at World Film Communities Network. Green Academy Awards has just launched on this platform.

What is Green Academy Awards?

Surrounded by the serene beauty of the hill station, named Shillong, this is a film festival based on the philosophy of saving plants and wildlife. Their mission is to raise awareness about the environmental damage that has occurred since the beginning of the industrial revolution. They believe in communicating ideas about sustainability and climate change prevention through compelling films that speak for themselves. This brand-new festival wants to promote filmmakers with a green mindset. Filmmakers who have made their creative art based on nature and the ecosystem.

What is a green mindset film?

Green mindset films or green films are those films that showcase the natural relationship between man and nature as beautifully as possible. With the degrading conditions of mother earth, a film can showcase the beauties of nature. Green Academy Awards is looking for those films that can teach mankind the depths of nature and wildlife and how we are destroying it. Any film that talks about wildlife and forest preservation can be called a green film.

Cinema is dismissively condemned as ‘escapism’ over and again. While films are primarily made for amusement, it would be a mistake to dismiss their ‘world-changing’ potential. Films can have a significantly higher influence than previously realized. They have the ability to impact culture, politics, legislation, and, most significantly, history (apologies for being melodramatic). Hence, this film festival wants to promote more and more filmmakers who are making films for the betterment of planet earth.


Take ‘Blackfishas an example. Tilikum’s narrative was abruptly thrust into the homes of millions of unaware spectators. This independent documentary chronicled the terrible story of a mistreated Sea world Orca that killed three of its trainers due to his small confinement and brutal treatment. The news of how these unfortunate sea animals were handled behind closed doors sparked worldwide outrage. It turned the world upside down. They want just this response. You can watch the film on YouTube.

They want to be a medium for saving this marvelous planet and its marvels. So, if you also believe in preserving nature and doing something about it then make a film about it and submit it to them. Be the change and log in to WFCN, submissions are happening there exclusively.