How to create a professional portfolio as an independent filmmaker?

As an independent filmmaker, you need to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. You need to b visible to the film distributors so that the chance of getting your film distributed nationally or perhaps internationally increases. Maybe you do not need this blog if you were a production manager, buffer, or anybody else. But in order to get good opportunities you should read and learn from this blog.

Filmmaker Portfolio Software

FREE — Wix & Tumblr

The best free website for building a Portfolio is Wix.

Wix Portfolio Examples –

Art by Arr

● Natalie Kennedy Filmmaker

● Lenka Costume and Fashion Designer

Wix has restrictions, your website will have an advertisement bar at the top, and the word “Wix” will appear in the URL.


Tumblr, although primarily used for blogging, allows you to create portfolios and integrate video links. There will be design limitations and the word “Tumblr” in the URL’s title.

Tumblr Portfolio Examples

Jon Edwards Filmmaker

Illustrator Joe Spix

Krisztian Tajti Director Of Photography

World film Communities Network

WFCN is a revolutionary platform to bring together all film professionals under one umbrella. We are the world’s largest creative community of Actors, film and TV crews, theatre professionals, child actors, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, musicians, models, and other film professionals.

We offer services like Professional Networking, Free Work Portfolio, Free Festival Submission, Rating Films, Writing Reviews, and Creating Film Pages and Groups.

If you are an independent filmmaker, WFCN has the perfect platform for you. Once you are done making your independent movie, you can surf through our 550+ top film festivals and find your niche. We also have CANVAS, a platform for self-distribution. Go and check it out now!



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