Submit Your Experimental Films In These Film Festivals…

Making experimental films is no joke. It is still new to this world. As it’s name suggest, it is still in its ‘experimental’stage for most of the world. While some viewers find it eerie and terrifying, others find it interesting. Finding niche audience for this particular genre is hard, and so are film festivals. There are very few top film festivals who even have the category of experimental films.

Stockholm Experiental & Animation Film Festival

They feature highly renowned artists and filmmakers from the worldwide scene, as well as young and rising independent artists and storytellers, with a focus on animated shorts and experimental film. The festival has received coverage in both Swedish and foreign press, and it has been funded by Stockholm City’s cultural department as well as Sweden’s Art Grant Committee.

International Film Festival Cologne

The IFFC (International Film Festival Cologne) is a new film festival that aims to showcase the international talent of both emerging and established filmmakers. Festival director Anselm Diehl and video artist Patrick Alan Banfield curate the festival’s flagship experimental short film section.

Cult Critic Movie Awards

Cult Critic Movie Awards is famous for their uncommon film choices and cult motivation. Situated at the heart of Kolkata, this film festival showcases experimental films at its best. The winner receives certificates and laurels with their names and film names on it. Winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q&A after screening.

Hollywood Academy Film Awards

The International Hollywood Academy Film Awards (HAFA) is a monthly film festival with yearly screenings in the Los Angeles region that recognizes and awards the work of independent filmmakers worldwide. All monthly winners will be nominated for the coveted GOLDEN STAR AWARDS immediately (The Best of The Best). They will be screened (in chosen categories) at the Annual Live Screening Gala, which will be attended by juries, reviewers, film experts, and prominent movie personalities from across the world.

And there you have it. The top film festivals for experimental films. If you want to find them, you must visit to WFCN page. We have a whole collection of these film festivals for you to check them out.



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