Wonderland International Film Festival: An upcoming film festival for the film fanatics

It's time for independent directors to play with their imagination, creation, and direction skills. It is a new age for the new directors, it is time to celebrate the freshness in the concept of cinema, the new techniques, and having a space to mark the beginning of a new era of cinema. To host, promote and support all of this Wonderland International Film Festival is here in town.

What is this festival?

This film festival is strategically placed in between lush greenery, rough mountains, and calm beaches. They have been on this earth for almost 2 years now. 23rd November 2022 will witness a historic event again, where the Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Sydney, New South Wales, 2009, Australia will host the biggest annual gala of the year. Receiving almost 500+ film submissions each year this upcoming film festival is worth your every penny.

The aim of the festival

Their aim is to create space for a unique collaboration of multi-talented writers, film score composers, and filmmakers. Wonderland is a platform to provide a unique experience of this spectacular audio-visual medium: CINEMA. They want to inspire, educate and encourage the young generation while entering the entire globe. As a film festival, they are here to promote and support young, fresh-minded filmmakers who are not afraid to take deep dive into experimental films.

They are accepting films from various categories and all themes are accepted here. So hope on this ride ASAP, and log on to WFCN and submit your films to Wonderland International film Festival right now!



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